Tuesday, 26 June 2012

away from the maddening crowd

we were sitting face to face,
she forced a smile but her eyes betrayed her.
the coffee mugs between us were cold and left a stain on the table cloth
I tried to continue with the reading, but after two sentences,
the story failed to enchant me.

he joined us, flicked his lighter, and like he's been doing this
since he was born, puffed the smoke into rings.
she wasn't thrilled, she looked bored and he looked tired.
he said something funny and all of us laughed,
but somehow the story failed to enchant me.

after another cigarettes, the weariness started to show
she said she was disappointed, he said he was miserable
and I said I was frustrated.
things we couldn't control, minds we couldn't read,
and stories that failed to enchant us any longer.

we tried to seek answers in others non-valid opinion,
some assurance that we weren't the losers in this tale
a pat on the shoulder, "you're doing the right thing."
but I couldn't help it, just couldn't ignore it.
they failed to enchant me just like before.

when 'what's more' was the question,
'nothing more' was the answer.
and it was unbearable,
all of these lies lost its enchantment,
the spells were broken,

you see,
there was nothing we should hide.
away from the maddening crowd,
we were part of those lonely people.
what's more?

nothing more.

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