Thursday, 23 December 2010

blaring thunder

it was a perfect sunshine this morning
a bit too hot but that's okay I guess.
I was planning to visit you today
I know things were not always smooth between us
but these are moments when I just feel glad
that you are still and always will be here

I thought it was easy and I thought
things that meant for us
we never have to fight for it
I thought those that were unspoken
are clearly heard
and I thought I can be strong
for whatever comes

but the thunder was so loud
and what I thought I could handle
were falling one by one
If you don't need me then leave me alone
but how come we don't need each other, I thought.
and I refuse to accept that you are the right one

you know, I had enough.
do whatever you feel right for you
and I'm pretty sure all the right things will be falling on your lap
but maybe, I'm not one of those.

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