Sunday, 12 December 2010

kinda nice

it’s frustrating how you always said yes when you suppose to say no
and it’s intriguing how you can say no when I need a ‘yes’
how irritating that you keep your secrets so good
and how amazing that you can open up to me like you know me since forever,
it’s a desperate act when I said don’t go
but it’s the sweetest things when you said stay
you know how reckless I am when you are around
and how I analyze everything when you’re not around
It’s amazing how easy my mother likes you
cause the truth is you are unbelievably dangerous for me
it’s very quizzical that you can be so childish
and be very dependable when I need you to be
I know it’s inexplicable how we laugh like a best friend
but kiss like it’s criminal
Totally understandable that this is not a relationship worth fighting
but it’s totally unlogic how we keep this thing on and on and not get weary
It’s disturbing how you always moving so fast
but I feel content when you rest your head in my shoulder
it’s up and down
electrifying and serene
charged and drained
but anyway,
it’s kinda nice.

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